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2nd Dec 2019

Guided Relaxation with Music

Guided Systematic Relaxation with ambient music. This last about 27 minutes.

Please enjoy!

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Wisdom of the Himalayan Tradition
This show is dedicated to sharing the knowledge and wisdom of the Himalayan Spiritual Tradition. The Himalayan Tradition is a body of knowledge that has been passed down from the Yogis and Sages for over 5000 years.

The Tradition was brought to the West by a great Yogi and Sage who was born and raised in the Himalayas. The content found in this Podcast are the teachings and inspirations that were passed down from teacher to students.
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Meditation for Inner Peace

Our mission is to make known the teachings of the Himalayan Tradition which has been preserved by a long lineage of Sages and Masters. Our system of teaching includes the scientific path of Raja Yoga, the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta, and the esoteric path of Sri Vidya Tantra. Meditation is a key practice.